Antigua Pier

Location: St. John’s, Antigua

BA played a crucial role the development of a new, Oasis-capable, concrete pier project in Antigua, providing construction supervision and owner’s representation services. The project’s design featured a multifaceted new cruise pier comprising a 50-ft wide by 695-ft long pier on a steel pile-supported structure, in addition to a 700-ft long pier section on reclaimed land. Additionally, a 600-ft long timber boardwalk connected this new infrastructure to the existing Heritage Pier, enhancing accessibility and integration. The project also involved 200,000 m3 of dredging to facilitate the docking of large vessels.

The erection of a small-sized security facility, the installation of solar lighting along the pier and boardwalk, and the creation of a service corridor along the pier to support future ship or terminal services were also included. Through these comprehensive efforts, BA contributed to modernizing Antigua and Barbuda’s maritime infrastructure, increasing the port’s cruise ship capacity, and allowing for up to five cruise ships to dock simultaneously.


Antigua Pier

St. John’s, Antigua