MDX 874 Ramp Connector to SW 128 Street CEI and PI / Miami, Florida.

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX)

BA has worked side by side with the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX), a user-funded transportation agency dedicated to improving mobility in Miami-Dade County, to build the highway infrastructure needed to drive the local economy. We serve as the agency’s spokesperson. In almost two decades, we have organized hundreds of town hall meetings and met with dozens of legislators, elected leaders and government officials to secure the support needed to keep South Florida moving forward.

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer

For more than 25 years, BA led the way in providing information, designing strategies, solving problems and implementing conflict resolution techniques to some of the most challenging multi-year infrastructure improvements taken on by the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer department. These are short term but very intense and often disruptive construction projects where outreach is not always easy – or welcome. BA has a proven track record of addressing resident concerns and resolving conflicts. Currently, we are educating the public about Miami-Dade’s critically-important Connect2Protect program, working with residents to remove septic tanks and connect them to sewer lines, especially in sensitive coastal areas, for the protection of residents and of Biscayne Bay.

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer

FDOT Red Road / Miami, Florida.

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

The Florida Department of Transportation has had BA manage their public involvement efforts in more than 125 design projects. BA was selected to play a key role in the construction of the controversial I-95 and the Palmetto Express Lanes. We led the agency’ most extensive effort on public involvement in the region for the MIC East West Corridor planning study. Our ability to handle public outreach in-house lets us provide consistent messaging and gain the community’s trust on projects that may take many years to build.

Public Involvement

Willy A. Bermello, AIA, AICP

Chairman of the Board

Tere Garcia

Senior Vice President, Director of Public Involvement, Board Member

Luis Ajamil, PE

President, Chief Executive Officer


MDX - Long range Plan

BA works with MDX to develop the MDX Master Transportation Plan, a blueprint for future investments in order to improve mobility and travel time for residents and visitors. It is updated every five years. We are currently establishing a framework to maintain and enhance the sustainability of MDX as an agency, broaden its mission and identify projects that stimulate economic growth.


The East-West Corridor is one of the six rapid transit corridors of the Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Program for the Greater Miami area. It runs along SR 836, or the Dolphin Expressway, from the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) next to Miami International Airport to SW 8th Street at 147th Avenue, next to the Tamiami Terminal.

Dolphin Park and Ride

The Dolphin Park & Ride station supports the county's Express Bus routes and a future commuter rail service, providing a terminus or stop for the nearby cities of Sweetwater and Doral as well as the Dolphin Mall, connecting them with Miami International Airport, hospitals, Downtown Miami and Brickell. BA drew the architectural and landscape design for the buildings, including the bus canopy.

Port Canaveral Strategic Master Plan

Strategically, Port Canaveral – which currently has five cruise terminals -- is the Florida port with the highest growth potential, which drives infrastructure development. The Strategic Master Plan for Port Canaveral defines development priorities and presents the potential of exceeding 8 million passengers over the 30 year planning horizon.

Connect to Protect

Even when properly cared for, septic systems continually discharge nutrients into our water resources. The Connect 2 Protect project is Miami-Dade county's attempt to extend sanitary sewer service to residents with septic systems in order to protect health, property value and natural areas such as Biscayne Bay.


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MDX - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Port Tampa Bay Channelside

BA helped win the approval for a $1.7 billion, 15-year strategic master plan for the Tampa Bay Port Authority Channelside, a 45-acre waterfront redevelopment project that includes apartments, offices, hotels, retail/restaurant space, a marina and a 7-acre green park with a public amphitheater and views of the cruise ships at the port.



Cruise Ports

NCL PortMiami

Terminal B

Lean More

Luis Ajamil & Willy Bermello forged a visionary plan to lead BA into a prominent global, interdisciplinary firm.

In 1992, Luis Ajamil and Willy Bermello forged a visionary plan to lead BA into a prominent global, interdisciplinary firm providing Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction Services. BA focused on several key markets with Maritime being one of the core components of the firm.


Luis Ajamil, PE

President, Chief Executive Officer

Mark Ittel

Sr Vice President of Ports and Maritime, Board Member

Michael Vanderbeek,

Director Ports + Maritime

Luis de Carvalho

Managing Director Europe

Maritime News

BA’s culture fosters an atmosphere of commitment of meeting our Client’s needs and expectations on each project we undertake through embracing.

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BA has played a major role in the development of cruise destinations, private islands, waterfronts, and port facilities by delivering innovative solutions to the growing and changing demands of the world’s seaports and communities. We develop forward thinking strategic plans based upon solid financials and flexible operations to meet the needs and expectations of the clients and users.