Doral Cultural Art Center

Doral, Florida

Client: City of Doral
Location: Doral, Florida
Size of Project: 1.44 Acres
Construction Cost: $7M
Completion date: 2022
Unique Features: Design of cultural arts center and surrounding park

The Doral Triangle Project consists of the design of a 12,500-SF cultural arts center and surrounding park space for the 1.44-acre triangle-shaped parcel located in Downtown Doral. As the Project Architect, BA prepared two alternative conceptual designs, and opinions of probable cost for each and presented them at a public workshop. The building includes space for a lobby and visitor center, cultural arts room, multi-purpose room, and reading room.

The project required the full integration of the proposed cultural arts center building into the overall proposed and existing park design, so both building and park complement and enhance the overall experience of Downtown Doral. The architecture creates a modern statement thru overall vernacular shape, massing, fenestration, and materials giving it its own identity while complementing the adjacent City Hall. The design of the exterior spaces provides an aesthetically pleasing physical connection to the existing Downtown Doral Park. BA’s scope included architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and design, civil engineering, and public outreach.


Doral Triangle

Doral, Florida

Client: City of Doral
Location: Doral, Florida
Size of Project: 1.44 Acres
Construction Cost: $7M
Completion date: 2022
Unique Features: Design of cultural arts center and surrounding park