Filling Station

Intrepid Real Estate / Miami, Florida

Client: Intrepid Real Estate
Location: Miami, Florida
Size of Project:
Construction Cost: $15 Million
Completion date: 2008
Unique Features: 10 Stories, 75 Loft Units, Parking Capacity: 112

The design of this mixed-use development combines extravagance with simplicity. An exterior design that never veers far from its roots as a unique industrial building is paired with individual loft units providing the raw building blocks that allow residents to create their own space. Eighteen-foot ceilings, at a minimum, are standard throughout the building while raw finishes; exposed air ducts, diamond plate interior stairs, concrete floors, block walls, and safety glass supply the backdrop for each unit.

Along with the “blank canvas concept” for resident’s units, real brick, natural stone and corrugated metal are used throughout the building. Amenities at ground level include highly visible activities such as a Basketball gym, retail spaces, and mini theatre. This is urban living with a strong pedestrian friendly streetscape that activates and energizes the neighborhood.


Filling Station

Client: Intrepid Real Estate
Location: Miami, Florida
Size of Project:
Construction Cost: $15 Million
Completion date: 2008
Unique Features: 10 Stories, 75 Loft Units, Parking Capacity: 112