Manhattan Cruise Terminals

Pier 90

BA, as the Engineer of Record, is currently engaged in the design of a new apron structure alongside the existing Pier 90. This enhancement aims to increase passenger capacity at Pier 90 by enabling the safe berthing and mooring of larger cruise vessels than the terminal previously could accommodate.

The project faces a unique set of challenges, chiefly designing a seamless transition between the existing pier structure and an expanded operational area. Adding complexity to the project is the site’s geotechnical challenges, stemming from its intriguing geomorphology. This includes areas of very high bedrock elevation inshore, contrasting with deep bedrock covered by poor silty soils offshore. BA’s expertise and innovative engineering solutions are directed towards overcoming these obstacles, ensuring the project’s success in enhancing Pier 90’s capacity and functionality.

Pier 88

BA provided the full design, documentation, and construction administration for the $31 million facility alterations. These modifications reconfigured the terminal to enhance the efficiency of passenger disembarkation, customs and immigration processes, security screening, and passenger ground transportation services. Moreover, new marine infrastructure was introduced to accommodate larger cruise ships. Today, the facility proudly serves as the priority homeport for Carnival Cruise Lines in New York, capable of processing 7,000 passengers per day through its single berth.

Addressing the project’s challenges required intensive construction administration services, particularly the uncovering and rectification of over 80 years of hidden building conditions and deferred maintenance. BA’s comprehensive oversight and innovative solutions have transformed the facility, ensuring it meets the high standards of operation and service demanded by today’s cruise industry and its passengers.


Manhattan Cruise Terminals