Downtown Nassau Waterfront & Cruise Facilities

Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Size: 11-acre site

As part of a transformative $300 million initiative to rejuvenate the Downtown Nassau waterfront and cruise facilities, BA played a pivotal role in designing a new terminal building as well as major upgrades and enhancements to the port’s surrounding facilities.

This comprehensive project has reimagined the waterfront into a destination of its own, boasting a revamped welcome center and a new berth capable of hosting the world’s largest cruise ships. Further enriching the visitor experience, BA’s design introduced an open-air amphitheater for both local and international performances, a cultural and historical Junkanoo Museum, a variety of waterfront dining options near a newly established marina, and 30 modern vendor pavilions.

With these enhancements, Nassau’s port now has the capacity to welcome up to six cruise ships daily, accommodating as many as 30,000 passengers—a marked increase of 10,000 from its previous capacity. BA’s vision and design expertise not only expanded the port’s operational capacity but also infused new life into Nassau’s waterfront.


Downtown Nassau Waterfront & Cruise Facilities