Port of San Francisco Cruise Ship Terminal 27 & Northeast Wharf Plaza

Client: San Francisco Department of Public Works
Location: San Francisco, California
Size of Project: 91,000 SF
Construction Cost: $90 M
Completion date: 2014
Award: ASCE San Francisco 2015 Outstanding Airports Ports Project of the Year Award, LEED Gold Certified

BA, in partnership with a local design team, spearheaded the development of the 91,000 SF, two-story, single berth Cruise Ship
Terminal 27 and Northeast Wharf Plaza. This innovative project marked its debut serving the America’s Cup, hosting the prestigious
sailboat races on San Francisco Bay. Designed with versatility in mind, the facility features both indoor and outdoor hospitality spaces integral to the facility’s overall concept.

The outdoor park area offers an expansive open-air waiting zone, while the facility’s interior is strategically developed to enhance accessibility. It includes extensive back-of-house preparation areas, durable finishes, and convenient pier access. A notable feature is the innovative ‘invisible fence,’ designed to flexibly secure the area when a cruise vessel is docked and retract for unimpeded access to the water’s edge on other occasions. This project is distinguished by its LEED Gold certification, reflecting its commitment to environmental sustainability.


Port of San Francisco Cruise Ship Terminal 27 & Northeast Wharf Plaza

Multiple Users / San Francisco, California.

Client: San Francisco Department of Public Works
Location: San Francisco, California
Size of Project: 8-acre
Construction Cost: $90 M
Completion date: 2014
Unique Features: Leed Gold Certified.