Broadway Cruise Terminal & B-Street
Pier Cruise Terminal Planning

Client: San Diego Unified Port District
Location: San Diego, California
Unique Features: LEED Gold Certified

BA, alongside a team of seasoned experts, conducted a comprehensive cruise market and economic impact assessment for the port and its surrounding region. This initiative aimed to guide the strategic design of future facilities and operational practices, aligning with emerging market opportunities and challenges.

What began as a project to design a temporary terminal facility atop one of San Diego’s oldest Navy Piers transformed into the development of a permanent, two-story, 52,250 SF structure. This endeavor included essential structural enhancements and seismic retrofitting to comply with current standards, ensuring the pier’s resilience and safety. The project further introduced new mooring hardware and an updated fendering system, marking significant advancements in the terminal’s infrastructure.

Distinguished as the Port of San Diego’s inaugural “green” building, the terminal features an array of eco-friendly technologies. Among these are a photovoltaic system, reflective roof paint, tinted and fritted glare-free glass, and low-flow plumbing fixtures. This terminal not only set a new standard for environmental stewardship within the port’s infrastructure but also served as a model for sustainable development in maritime facilities.


Broadway Cruise Terminal & B-Street
Pier Cruise Terminal Planning

San Diego Unified Port District /  San Diego, California.

Client: San Diego Unified Port District
Location: San Diego, California
Size of Project: 52,250 SF
Construction Cost: $25 M
Completion date: 2010
Unique Features: Leed Gold Certified.