Port Everglades Terminal 25 Renovation & Expansion


Client: Port Everglades & Celebrity Cruises
Size: 147,000 SF
Award: LEED Silver Certified

BA designed Terminal 25, a 147,000 SF facility, at Port Everglades to reflect the elegance of its main occupant, the Celebrity Edge, and future Celebrity Cruises’ newbuilds. This state-of-the-art facility, replacing two outdated terminals, marks a leap forward in passenger experience and operational efficiency.
BA emphasized the optimization of guest experiences during arrivals and departures, carefully considering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Operational enhancements include revamped ground transportation areas, improved passenger flow, and efficient baggage processing and collection. Aesthetically, the facility features a grand atrium, contemporary passenger loading bridges, and a VIP lounge that epitomizes modern luxury.

Aligned with BA’s commitment to excellence and efficiency, the development of this facility was fast-tracked, ensuring it was ready to welcome the Celebrity Edge’s inaugural call and redefined standards in cruise facility design.


Cruise Terminal 25

Celebrity Cruises / Broward County, Florida.

Client: Port Everglades
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Size of Project:
Construction Cost: $70 Million
Completion date: 2018
Unique Features: